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Compagnie Béninoise de Négoce et de Distribution (CBND) LTD was established in 1988. The company headquarter is in Cotonou, the capital of the Republic of Benin and also has branches in Parakou and Bohicon.
CBND LTD is a fully integrated company and we are one of the leader in the importation and distribution of large multinational companies in Benin.


Structure of our company:


Storage and distribution:

➢ We have 48 full time employees and working with 12 freelance sales people around the whole country.
➢ Our main storage is the Cotonou’s warehouse with 2000m2 and our two other storages in Parakou and Bohicon have the storage capacity of 10 containers each.
➢ The distribution is made by us and we make sure that all the process is effectively proceeded and on the right time.

Our Vision – mission:

In order to remain the leader in this highly competitive market, we are always willing to add new well-known brands to our portfolio of products in Benin. Our mission is to distribute the best products, at the best price, with outstanding customer service and also to supply the world most-known products in Benin.

In addition, the Company continues to develop its distribution network in efforts to extend its scope and strengthen its market position and we highly invest in new technologies to improve our working operations and productivity.

Our team of experts in the field visit clients on a regular basis to respond to their very specific needs.

We devote a large part of our budget in human resource in order to attract, retain great talents and also increase our employees’ level of engagement and their performance.

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